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To our students and families…We Thank You!

William Ford Students and Families…we THANK YOU for all of your hard work, patience, resilience and your partnership with all of us at William Ford! We salute you! We will be back soon…stronger and kinder!

After every storm comes a rainbow!

Sincere thanks to Zaina Fardous and Prosigns for donating and installing this sign for William Ford!

Time to Register Your Kindergarten Student for Next Year!

Do you have a child who will turn five before December 1st? If so, they are eligible for Young 5s or Kindergarten at William Ford Elementary. See below the steps to register your child for Young 5s or Kindergarten at William Ford for the 2020-2021 school year.

  1. Watch this presentation for all the information you need: Click HERE!
  2. Come to William Ford on Tuesday, May 12th between 12:00-2:00 to pick up a special packet with registration papers and a few summer supplies for your child! 
  3. Enroll online, OR return registration paperwork to William Ford on one of the dates below;
    1. Wednesday, May 13th between 9:00-10:30
    2. Thursday, May 14th between 12:00-2:00
    3. Friday, May 15th 9:00-10:30

     If you have any questions, feel free to email me ( or call William Ford’s Google Number at 313-451-3077.

Student Supplies Available on Friday from 9:00-10:30

Mr. Higgins will be available at William Ford on Friday morning from 9:00-10:30 for another distribution of student supplies.  Parents are asked to park and come to a table near the front door for the grade level student supplies.  There will be cones distanced 8 feet apart in the event there is a line.  Please know your child’s grade level and teacher’s name. 

Student Supplies and Packet Distribution

On Wednesday, May 6th, teacher volunteers will be at William Ford to distribute school supplies to families for students to use at home.  These supply packets may include notebooks, crayons, pencils, work packets, and more!  Packets will be distributed directly to parents in their cars.  Just pull up to a cone, or walk up to the distribution table, and a volunteer will get you a bag for your child.  You just need to know your child’s grade and teacher’s name!  See the schedule below;

9:00-9:45  Family Last Names beginning with N-Z 

9:45-10:30  Family Last Names beginning with B-M

10:30-11:30  Family Last Name beginning with A

Thank You Teachers!

This week, the week of May 4th, is Teacher Appreciation Week!  Although we are not together at school, please reach out to your child’s teacher and thank them for their work with your child.  Their creativity, inspiration, determination and ingenuity is always appreciated, but is perhaps most evident this year! 

Remote Learning Grading Policy Discussed

Check out the most recent Virtual Visit with Dr. Maleyko about the grading policy for the final quarter of the school year. Grading Policy at all levels is discussed in the video; Mr. Adam Martin, Principal at Dearborn High School, Mrs. Rima Hassan, Principal at Woodworth Middle School and Mr. David Higgins, Principal at William Ford join Dr. Maleyko and Mr. Mustonen for this episode taped in late April.

Check it out:

William Ford Offers Chromebooks to Borrow for Families without Technology

     On Monday from 1:30-3:00, William Ford will hold another opportunity for parents to borrow a Chromebook for the rest of the school year.  This Chromebook would need to be returned when students return to school in August.  If you do not have any computer in your home for your child to use, or if you have several children in elementary school and only one computer, you may pick a Chromebook from us today.  There will be a drive-up service today on Alber St.  Stop at a cone, remain in a car, and a teacher volunteer will come to see you and make arrangements.  Please note, parents are responsible for the Chromebook, including full replacement if broken.

Message from Mr. Higgins

Families at William Ford,

The Learning Continues! Please see the Video Message from Mr. Higgins about the Continuity of Learning Plan for William Ford. Also, important points from the video are below in English and Arabic. Click the link for the video:

Expectations of Teachers, Students and Parents

  • Teachers will…
    • Post assignments throughout the week.
    • Be available to answer questions during posted office hours or within 24 hours by email.
    • Host a minimum of two hangout meetings a week and log student attendance.
    • Provide timely feedback to students, including grading assignments.
    • Work with families who need alternative forms of instruction, including paper packets.
  • Students will…
    • Complete and submit daily assignments as instructed by teachers.
    • Attend and actively participate in google hangout meetings that the teacher schedules.
    • Share learning with parents.
    • Email or contact my teacher if they have questions.
  • Parents will…
    • Provide a space for students to complete work. 
    • Monitor and ensure students are completing assignments.
    • Respond to teacher emails or phone calls, and update contact numbers if necessary.

سيقوم المعلمون ……
* بنشر الواجبات طوال فترة الأسبوع (جمعه). * يكن متاحاً ( متواجداً) للإجابة على الأسئلة خلال ساعات العمل أو في غضون ٢٤ ساعة عبر البريد الالكتروني .* استضافة ما لا يقل على إجتماعي دردشة فيديو جماعية في الأسبوع (جمعه) وتسجيل حضور الطلاب.* تقديم الإجابات للطلاب في الوقت المناسب.* العمل مع العائلات التي تحتاج الى بدائل مبسطه من التعليمات.

الطلاب سوف…….
* يقوم الطلاب باكمال الواجبات اليومية وفقاً لتعليمات المعلمين .*الحضور والمشاركة في اجتماعات محرك البحث جوجل  التي يحددها المعلم.* شارك التعلم مع الوالدين .* التواصل بالبريد الالكتروني مع الأساتذة إذا كان لديه أي سؤال.

  الأهالي سوف ….
* يوفر مساحة للطلاب لإكمال الواجبات .*راقب وتأكد من إكمال الطلاب للواجبات المدرسية .* الرد على البريد الالكتروني للمعلمين او المكالمات الهاتفية وتحديث أرقام الهواتف في حال تغيرها اذا لزم الامر.

The Learning Continues!

Dearborn Schools announced the State of Michigan approved Continuity of Learning plan for the rest of the school year. This plan is posted on the district website. The learning plan defines expectations for learning to continue for each school, teachers, students and parents. Together we will continue learning!

Dr. Maleyko posted a very good video explaining the Continuity of Learning plan. The video is about 16 minutes and includes a great summary by Executive Director, Fatme Faraj.  You can view this video at this link:

On the Dearborn Schools District website there are links to all written documents about the Continuity of Learning plan. You may reach this page at the following link:

Finally, on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week, Mr. Higgins will post a video summarizing the learning plan and expectations for all. We want the best for all students to ensure they are ready for the next grade level when we return to school in the fall!

Storytime with Mr. Higgins – NEW TIME!

Join Mr. Higgins for Storytime on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the new time – 3:00.  See the link below to join the story LIVE! Mr. Higgins will start promptly at 3:00!

To Join the Google Meet, Storytime with Mr. Higgins, follow the instructions below:

1. Click or enter in your web browser.

2. Click Join or start a meeting.

3. Enter this nickname – storytime

* You will not be able to enter the meeting until Mr. Higgins enters @ 2:50.

Google Hangout Tips for students:

  1. Take a Look at your video BEFORE joining the Hangout. Make sure that everything in the video (especially the background) is appropriate. 
  2. When you enter the Meet/Hangout, mute yourself (If you are already not muted.)
  3. When you have a question, type in the textbox and wait for your teacher to call on you.
  4. When you have something to contribute to what is being said, but it is not your turn, use the chat feature in the right-hand corner. 
  5. Wait for the teacher to call on you to unmute yourself. 
  6. Only one student should contribute/talk at a time
  7. Look into the camera when you are talking.
  8. Stay attentive. Pay attention to your teacher or other students who are speaking.