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William Ford’s Annual Fifth Grade Science Fair

William Ford’s Annual Fifth Grade Science Fair was once again a HUGE hit!  Over 75 projects were on display for teachers, students and parents to observe, learn and enjoy!  Thanks to Mrs. Hossein for her organization and to our fifth grade teachers, Mr. Bazzy, Ms. Fakhreddine, Ms. Ferrante, Ms. Luckow and Ms. Michaels for their support!



Winners from Mrs. Ferrante’s Class
1st Place – Nasreen & Meerna
2nd Place – Hussein A. & Jafar
3rd Place – Hassan T. & Rayan G.

Winners from Mrs. Fakhreddine’s Class
1st Place – Amal B., Noor A. & Fatima A.
2nd Place – Maya Z. & Hannah Y.
3rd Place –  Youssef S.

Winners from Mrs. Micheals’ Class
1st Place – Mahdi F.
2nd Place – Nasser A.
3rd Place – Suha S. & Shaima A.

Winners from Mrs. Luckow’s Class
1st Place – Molook J., Mlook S. & Hawraa
2nd Place – Aya & Arwa
3rd Place – Fatima

Winners from Mr. Bazzy’s class
1st Place – Malik C.
2nd Place – Mariam S. & Adam S.
3rd Place – Mido & Omar


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