William Ford Elementary

Thursday and Friday at William Ford

Just a reminder that all Dearborn Schools will be open on Thursday for a full day of school.  Please see below a few announcements for Thursday.

  • The Cafeteria is set up for the Fifth Grade Promotion Thursday afternoon. 
  • Therefore, only a light breakfast will be served on Thursday morning. Breakfast will consist of a Juice Box, breakfast or granola bar and crackers.  If not interested in that breakfast, please arrive at regular school time, 8:55.
  • Lunch on Thursday will be served and eaten picnic style under the trees on the playground.
  • Thursday is the Fifth Grade Promotion
    • Promotion begins promptly at 2:30 in the Auditorium (cafeteria).
    • Only those with tickets will be admitted.  Each 5th grader received 2 tickets.
    • No balloons are allowed in the auditorium.
  • No Breakfast or Lunch on Friday.
  • Friday is the last day of school and a 1/2 day.  Dismissal time is 12:05.