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Nearly 200 Families Received a Chromebook to use during the School Closure!

Nearly 200 of William Ford’s Chromebooks were loaned out to families with no technology at home on Thursday, March 19th and Monday, March 23rd. Parents and students arrived and waited patiently in their cars for the opportunity to check-out a loaner Chromebook to use at home during the shutdown of schools. Students will return the Chromebook to William Ford once school re-opens.

Chromebook Staging Area
Teachers help Parents in Cars
William Ford’s Volunteer Team (most of them) & Practicing “Social Distancing”

These Chromebooks are ONLY on loan and ONLY for families without any computers and/or tablets in the home.  William Ford will issue ONE computer per household IF they do not have a computer, not per student. These are only to be borrowed and due back to school when school begins again.  Parents will be completely liable and responsible for the upkeep, maintenance and condition of the Chromebook, including full replacement of the Chromebook if broken. 

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