Walk to School Day…a HUGE hit!

Hundreds of students and parents walked to school on Wednesday, and dozens more rode bikes or scooters!  Parents and students loved it!  Some teachers met students across Ford Road to cross the bridge and others down the street.  We even had tiny furry friends join students!  Walk to School Day was such a hit that William Ford is now exploring bike racks and making EVERY Wednesday, “Walk to School Wednesday!” 


Students and Safety First!

The safety of all of our students at William Ford is most important to us.  During arrival and dismissal, please make sure you follow these safety precautions;

Please keep Alber and Ternes free for traffic to flow in both directions.

Do not double park, even momentarily, to drop off or pick up a student.

Do not park, even momentarily, by or near the cones.

Only drop off your child on the school side curb.  It is very dangerous for your child to cross the street with cars coming in both directions.

Make certain your child is buckled up before you drive away.

Students and Safety First!  Consider parking a block away and walking with your child to avoid the congestion…plus, it is a healthy alternative!

Coming Soon…Walk to School Day is October 10th!  Our goal is 100% participation!


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