RAN Strategy at William Ford

RAN is strategy taught to students for use when they are reading and analyzing nonfiction text.  Students using RAN organize their thoughts (on the RAN chart) in five sections; What they think they know, Confirmed information, Misconceptions, New Learning and New Facts, and Wonderings.RAN1


Thank You Parents for Attending Today’s Parent Meeting!

Thank you Parents for attending today’s “Make-it, Take-it” Parent Meeting!  We had 82 parents in attendance! Parents were treated to a presentation by Ms. Garcia and second graders on Healthy Snack choices, comprehension checklists shared by Ms. Garcia and Ms. Syring, and a review of William Ford’s status as a Title 1 school.

Pictures from today’s meeting and a link to the Healthy Choices Powerpoint are below.

Parent Meeting

Parent Meeting 1

Click on the link below for the Healthy Choices Powerpoint!

Snack Rules! (1)

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